Help me die, Serena!

For months now, Holby’s deputy CEO, Serena Campbell, has struggled with her mother’s worsening dementia, particularly when, in the midst of her confusion and memory loss, Adrienne completely forgot who Serena was. Last week, Serena thought she’d made a breakthrough when her mother called her by her name. So she’s floored, this week, when Adrienne asks for her daughter’s help to end her life.

When a confused Adrienne throws a tantrum on AAU, where she’s recovering from pneumonia, Serena takes her outside to calm down. There, in a moment of clarity, Adrienne tells Serena she’s tired of living with her deteriorating condition and asks if she’ll ‘pull the plug’ on her. Serena flatly refuses to help so, later, a lucid Adrienne tells Serena she wants to request a Do Not Resuscitate order – she doesn’t want to become completely senile and bed-ridden!

As family, Serena can’t authorise the DNR order herself, so she confides in colleague Raf. He says he’ll verify Adrienne’s in a fit state of mind to make such a decision and then oversees as Adrienne signs the consent form. But when Adrienne later suffers a severe stroke, will Serena resist the urge to intervene?

Meanwhile, Michael’s keen to extend his stay at Holby to avoid returning to the US scandal he’s left behind. But will working with Fleur on a complicated double limb re-attachment provide the opportunity for Michael to sink or swim?

Also, Adele finds it tricky balancing her student nurse coursework with her day job. Jesse sympathises with Adele’s situation and offers friendly advice – but could he have a hidden agenda?