As Law and Order returns for a new series, DS Matt Devlin and DS Ronnie Brooks are investigating the death of ex-Premier League footballer Robbie Nichols, in what looks like a robbery gone wrong.

Investigations lead them to question the innocence of Mike Jones (Lorcan Cranitch), who was seen in the area at the time of the murder, has motive and has DNA that matches the murder weapon. But Mike’s pointing the finger at a well-known East End gangster, who he says he saw at the scene of the crime on the evening in question. But who should the police believe?

Trying the accused is no meant feat for Senior Crown prosecutor James Steel (Ben Daniels) who is up against the eccentric defence barrister Jason Peters (Eddie Marsan). Witness intimidation, false plea bargaining and corruption stand in the way of the truth but, in the end, will the decency of one good samaritan be enough to finally put a murderer where they belong?

It’s down to Judge Murchville (Michael Cochrane) to decide…