Henk arrives in the Bay

Having left Brad’s best man Henk a message telling him not to come to Brad and Sally’s wedding, Rachel is unsettled when Henk calls her to reassure her he’s a changed man. Rachel tells him to stay away, so is dismayed when Brad informs her Henk has confirmed he’ll be his best man.

Rachel confides in Leah, telling her about the time Henk tried to force himself on her during a trip to Fiji. Shocked Leah tells Rachel she must tell Brad what happened, but before Rachel can pluck up the courage, Henk arrives in town early.

Having been banished from the farm, Geoff is looking for a place to live. Tony arranges for Geoff to stay with Irene and Belle, but after Belle accuses him of spying on her in the shower, Geoff decides he can’t live there any longer and tells Tony he really wants to move back home – but Bruce is adamant that Geoff’s not welcome. Later, desolate Geoff is alone in the diner when Lucas lays into him, leaving Geoff in tears. But Lucas ends up taking pity on Geoff and turns up with him at Tony’s.