Cassie jumps to the conclusion that Henk has left her when she sees his scribbled note saying he’s rushed off to the city, leaving Ric to reassure her. Meanwhile, Henk is in the city visiting a Dr Moore who tells him that his blood test results have come back – and informs a devastated Henk that he is HIV positive. A happy Jack returns and drops in to see Martha at the bar. Seeing Jack so content triggers off all of Martha’s old insecurities and she almost gets out of control again with a customer Greg after a few too many drinks. Luckily, Lucas and Matilda come to her rescue. Miles takes Sally up on her offer of clean clothes, a shower, and a caravan to stay in. Despite being initially outraged, Colleen wonders if she may have been wrong about Miles when she sees him looking clean shaven and completely changed. But that night he is plagued by disturbing nightmares, which hint at an unsavoury past experience coming back to haunt him. Also, although he is hoping to find a way to get back together with Matilda, Ric agrees that their relationship has come to an end. *Showing on RTE One, Monday March 10*