Henshall arrests Carl!

We know it was Henshall, not Carl, who set the fire that killed Viv and Terry, but Chas doesn’t and she’s scared. She’s scared that Carl did set the fire purely to put her through hell because she fleeced him of 30,000 pounds. Well, you can see where she’s coming from; Carl hates to be parted from money and he’s very angry with Chas. But, having had more than enough to drink in The Woolpack, Carl turns on Chas and makes it clear that he doesn’t think she’s worth going to prison for and so, no, he isn’t the arsonist. He is being very drunk and disorderly, though, right in front of Henshall, who’s drinking with Katie and Chas. So, Carl quickly finds himself in cuffs and hauled off to the cop shop. Hey, if Henshall can’t pin the blame on Andy, then maybe he can put Carl in the frame.

Pearl seems to find Dermot arresting when he makes himself at home playing cards with her, Betty and Edna, but Turner feels sidelined. He needs to find a way to get himself back in the game.

Bob would usually have some words of encouragement for Turner, but he’s getting ready for Viv’s funeral in London…