Henshall’s flaming mad at Andy!

Having reported Henshall, Andy feels better, until Henshall catches up with him. Prior’s disturbed when Henshall admits he’s dating Katie and she has him taken off the case. Now how’s he going to steer the investigation the way he wants to? Furious, he turns up the heat on Andy, literally, by ambushing him in his caravan, holding his head close to the flame on his cooker and warning him that being taken off the case doesn’t mean he’s going to get off Andy’s back. Be careful, Andy, this guy really does like playing with fire!

Lizzie’s playing with fire, too, but she doesn’t know it. She’s sweet on Derek and invites him to go out to lunch with the girls at the factory. Lisa has no intention of socialising with the man who raped her and stays at the factory while the others go out. The sight of Derek sickens her, but Lizzie can’t see this.

Aaron’s sickened by Jackson’s insistence that there is no future for them as a couple. He promised Jackson he would always be there and he doesn’t want to leave him. But Jackson says they’re over. So, reluctantly, Aaron phones Flynn…