Her bags are packed and Sally’s ready to go!

The Bishop announces that Sally’s marriage counselling has gone well and it’s time for her to go home. He wants Ashley to encourage her to pack her bags and return to Vincent. Unaware that Sally’s eavesdropping, Laurel tells a concerned Ashley that he needs to put his family first and take the Bishop’s advice. Sally then interrupts and says she’s ready to go home. After she’s gone, though, Ashley tells Laurel he’ll never forgive himself if anything happens to Sally. Is he right to be worried for her?

Charity’s also ready to move on but she hasn’t told Debbie yet. As usual, she’s hoping someone else will do her dirty work, namely Cain. But he won’t do that. He gives Charity the £20,000, then asks her to stay for Debbie’s birthday on Monday. Will she?

While he’s been so wrapped up in family matters, Cain has failed to notice Carl’s renewed interest in him since he learned he has money to pay off Charity. When Cain goes to get the money Carl follows him and sees him go into a self-storage unit. He races back to Jimmy and tells him he’s found their money and they’re going to get it back. But how?

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