Hercules overhears Jason and Pythagoras worrying that Medusa could never love him as he loves her, and is stirred into action, deciding to capture Medusa’s heart by enchantment instead. 
Meanwhile, Jason is summoned to the Oracle, who tells him she is haunted by a dream: a woman of great power lurking in the darkness who is seeking Jason.

Hercules travels into the mountains, seeking the enchantress Circe who can grant him his wish of winning Medusa’s love. He gives Circe his most valuable possession, a tooth that his father plucked from Cerberus, the beast that guards the Underworld. In return, she gives him a jar which contains the song of the Sirens. If opened in Medusa’s presence, it will cause her to fall in love with the first person she sees.

Hercules’s plan works, and Medusa is smitten. After the pair spend a romantic evening together, it seems all of Hercules’s wishes have come true – until Medusa suddenly falls dangerously ill. It seems Circe has an evil trick up her sleeve.

After Hercules confesses to his friends what he has down, he returns to see the enchantress, who tells him she is using him to entrap Jason, and then turns Hercules into a pig. Sure enough, Jason and Pythagoras follow their friend into Circe’s lair. As Jason confronts Circe, she tells him she will restore Medusa’s health and turn Hercules back into a man if he carries out her wish for him to kill her sister. 

Jason reluctantly agrees, and takes an oath that he will do what Circe asks – only to be horrified when Circe reveals her sister is Pasiphae, Queen of Atlantis!