Julia spies Patrick in Letherbridge buying flowers and thinks the worst although he says they’re for her. Patrick claims he left a message telling her he was coming, but she’s dubious. When Julia discovers he did leave a message she feels awful and Patrick promises never to let her down again.

Heston is panicking about his date with Marina so Kevin takes him shopping. He talks him into a man-made bright shirt, pointy shoes and leather jacket. When Heston walks into the restaurant with his squeaky shoes and tight trousers, Marina is stunned. The date goes well until Heston has an allergic reaction to the shirt.

Patrick and Julia are also at the restaurant and, in the bathroom, Heston convinces Patrick to swap shirts with him. Marina tries not to laugh at Heston’s tight shirt and offers to pay when he realises he forgot his wallet. Heston thinks the date has been a disaster but to his surprise Marina tells him she loves him in his bow ties and gives him a kiss.

Also, Rob creates trouble for someone at the Mill in his attempt to help a young colleague suffering from sleeplessness.