Heston and Marina get steamy

Heston needs advice on how to take things further with Marina. Daniel offers his own tips but Heston, being Heston, wants role play. As a result, Elaine walks in on the two men in a compromising position! That night, Heston disregards all of Daniel’s advice, but before long he and Marina are getting very steamy!

Freya receives a message from Bobbie, a friend with benefits, and tells Cherry how pleased she is they’re meeting up tonight. Cherry wonders if Bobbie is a girly girl or not. Later, Cherry is being pestered by a randy patient who keeps asking her out and is about to get angry when Freya reveals the guy is in fact Bobbie. Cherry is stunned – Freya likes men too?

Freya and Bobbie have a great drink-filled night and end up in bed. Freya hints that they could do this more often, like a couple. When Bobbie laughs this off, Freya is utterly depressed.

Also, when Zara is criminally overcharged by a local garage, she and Mrs Tembe team up as Letherbridge’s very own Cagney and Lacey!