As Heston leaves for work, he kisses a distracted Ruhma goodbye. Ruhma worries about Besa and her interview with the home office. Ruhma is unaware, however, that Besa has run away from the hostel she was staying at until she hears a knock at the door. When Ruhma opens the door, she find Tamanna, Besa’s newborn daughter ,on her doorstep. In the distance, Ruhma sees Besa running away, so she takes Tamanna inside.

Besa is eventually caught by the Home Office and taken in for questioning. Besa explains to the immigration officers that she has had a hard life. She experienced female genital mutilation at the age of 12 and was repeatedly raped by a notorious gangster in her city and, as a result, fell pregnant. She explains her family shamed her when she explained she was pregnant and tried to force her into a sham marriage. With Besa laying her heart on the line, will she be able to stay in the UK?

Meanwhile, Ruhma begins to bond with the baby, much to the discomfort of Heston and Shak. So how will Heston feel when Ruhma starts discussing the idea of adoption?