Heston bounces back from his health scare

Heston pitches his proposal to Anthony – a mental health stand at the University’s spring fair, with a stress clinic running alongside. Anthony seems interested but is frustrated that Heston didn’t tell him about his health scare. Later, Anthony tells Heston he’s running with the mental health stall idea but Sid will be running it to take the pressure off Heston. He’s annoyed but plugs himself into the ECG machine, bleakly aware of what this could mean…

Leo’s caring for his diabetic mother, Yvonne, when he realises she’s having a hypoglycaemic attack. He runs to the shop to get some sugar but is knocked down by a van. At The Mill, Al notices that Leo has a packet of sugar clutched in his hand. He rushes to Leo’s house and manages to get inside and save Yvonne’s life.

Valerie confesses to Ayesha that she’s waiting for the results of her scan, but she already knows it will be bad news. Later, they’re wedding dress shopping when Valerie spots a dress in a charity shop window. It’s perfect! Even better, there’s a bridesmaid’s dress to match, and Valerie asks Ayesha to be her bridesmaid.