Heston comes to Elaine’s rescue

Elaine has an appointment with Oliver, who presumes she’s here to cancel the sessions if everything is OK. Elaine is shocked, but lies that all is well. Oliver is aware she’s lying, but Elaine is just pushed further into denial.

Later, Elaine is in her consulting room with paperwork, feeling dizzy, when she collapses on the floor, where she lays unconscious with no one noticing all day. Heston eventually finds her and her mixture of pills and calls 999.

It’s the day of the move and all seems to be going well until Jimmi gets a phone call; the people whose house they are moving into can’t move today! The wife is ill and they’ll have to wait until the New Year. Cherry is devastated and Jimmi tries to tell Daniel before he lets out his house.

But it’s too late. Daniel has handed over the keys and all his stuff is on the way to Jimmi’s. The boys are gutted and drown their sorrows. Jimmi thinks they should stay together in their house over Christmas and Daniel agrees – although the thought of Cherry and Zara in the same house scares them.

Also, Freya helps a distressed young girl who is carrying in her rucksack a guilty secret she cannot face up to.