Anthony asks Heston to take charge of a lucrative deal with a driver training company conducting all their medical assessments. By the end of the day, Heston is exhausted and, when Anthony questions his competence, Heston loses his temper and explodes! Heston’s left fuming as Anthony comments that stress isn’t good for Heston’s health…

Layla tells Al that she’s acting as a surrogate for her twin, Tony, and his wife Anna but she’s no longer sure she wants to give up the baby. Suddenly, Layla has a contraction – it looks like labour has begun! Layla admits to Anna that she’s having second thoughts but a furious Anna warns her she will take her to court!

Emma thinks Ben has a lot of baggage and warns Niamh to take it slow, but then realises that Niamh really likes him and is relieved when Ben phones and she agrees to a date. The date is a success and ends with a proper kiss.