Heston fulfils his promise

Heston keeps Mrs Tempbe waiting for news about The Queen’s visit. She makes him tea and is teased by Zara for lingering outside his office.

Later she opens a gift she has for Heston – a Royal Mug – and makes him another cup of tea which she puts down in front of him. Heston is apologetic; he forgot but will call Ravi immediately.

Ravi manages to get them both into the official receiving line, representing local GPs. Mrs Tembe shares her news with anyone willing to listen and Zara sends her in Julia’s direction seeking Royal etiquette information.

Coming away empty handed, Mrs Tembe tries to ring the Palace but upon getting no further help, a guilty Julia offers to take her shopping to find a suitable outfit.

Elsewhere, Daniel is faced with a dilemma when a happy couple request a pregnancy termination and events soon take a shocking turn.

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