Leaving the house on the morning of Valentine’s Day, Heston notices an anonymous Valentine’s card addressed to him. When he gets to The Mill, he goes on a witch hunt. Who thought it was a funny idea to send him this?! Heston fears Marina has sent him this card. When he returns home, Heston realises the card was sent not by Marina but instead by Anne, his housekeeper. He’s relieved but annoyed he’s had a day of worry. Later, Heston talks her into coming back to work for him. There’s no romance on the cards, but their relationship has been saved.

Emma rejects a Valentine’s card from Howard – the bouquet of flowers on her desk from Sam is enough reason why. At home, Chris helps Sam set the table ahead of his romantic dinner with Emma – he’s even hired a caterer to make it the most impressive evening he can manage. Emma arrives home to find the table laid, rose petals scattered on the floor, and linguini cooked to perfection. Then Sam reveals his desire to end his life. He wants to take one last holiday with her and Chris, then ‘go to Switzerland’. Emma is enraged and storms out.

Kevin has agreed to go out for lunch with Jimmi to keep his mind off of Valentine’s, which is also his wedding anniversary with Cherry. When Jimmi doesn’t show up to work, Kevin finds him at the chateau where he was wed, watching his Valentine’s Day wedding through a fog of loathing and alcohol. Kevin tries to convince Jimmi to let it go and confronts him with his own problems – he’s lost Freya and briefly reconnected with his father in the last year, and he’s managed to keep going. Jimmi thanks him and the pair go to lunch as planned.

Also, Mrs Tembe inadvertently inspires a local rocker and lothario to write his next song about her.