Rowly’s still upset that Julia thought he was gay and tells her he’s going to stay in a hotel. When he says it’s not the first time he’s been mistaken for being gay, Julia invites Heston round to tell Rowly how he copes with being flamboyant. Heston assures Rowly that there’s lots of women he hasn’t met who will love him. And with that, Rowly charges off to the hotel to find them…

When Zara sees Daniel disappear for lunch at The Icon with mystery blonde Erica, she invites Jimmi to join her for lunch there. Amused, Jimmi agrees, and watches as Zara tries to pretend she isn’t spying on Daniel. After an epic goodbye snog with Erica, free agent Daniel comes over to rub Zara’s face in it. Fuming, Zara storms back to The Mill.

Ruth’s surprised when Charlie reveals he’s had a call from a dance school who saw her performance; they were so impressed they’re keen to sign her up. As Ruth gets a bit tearful, Charlie offers her a hug. Misreading the scene, Zara grabs Charlie’s crotch, telling him to keep his hands off Ruth. Daniel sees and orders her to apologise.

Also, Cherry helps a professional Tiddlywinks player to pursue his dream of becoming world champion.

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