Heston calls Julia from Italy to say that he is stuck and can’t get back until next week which means she has a spare ticket to the University Spring Ball. To her annoyance no-one seems to be that interested! She makes her way through all of the gang until Simon suggests Elaine; Julia feels bad that she hadn’t thought of her.

Elaine is delighted to be asked and can’t wait to go making Julia feel even worse prompting her to apologise to Zara for the PCT meeting. Zara suggests a shopping trip for dresses and Julia is in awe at Zara’s shopping tactics but soon begins to feel incredibly frumpy when she sees Zara trying some dresses on.

Zara detects Julia’s bad mood and Julia concocts a phoney excuse. They return to The Mill where everyone is curious about a package that has arrived for Julia. Julia is cagey about the package. At home that evening, Julia opens her package and a mysterious light shines out.

David is a great guy but he’s also a manic-depressive – Simon gets caught up in David’s delusions as he tries to help him and his girlfriend come to terms with the illness.

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