Heston’s trial gets off to a bad start with the doctor coming across as pompous and conceited. Vicious prosecution lawyer, Alice, examines her first witness, Curtis, who relates how truly sorry he is, playing the part of the poor hard-done-by petty thief, and the magistrates lap it up.

Next, Curtis’s surgeon Mr Farooqi describes Curtis’s injuries and the operations he needed. He also reveals that a friend of Heston’s leant on Curtis while he was recovering in hospital. Heston and Godfrey are stunned. During the break, Mrs Tembe reveals that she talked to Curtis, apologising. Heston is forgiving, but when she leaves his frustration is clear.

Then PC Cook takes the stand, claiming it was suspicious how Heston found the screwdriver on the ground after he asked if Curtis was armed. His disdain for Heston is clear and Godfrey says PC Cook is biased.

Heston is uplifted by this victory, but then Alice shows the CCTV footage of the attack. It doesn’t show Curtis threatening him with the screwdriver; it just shows Heston’s anger and his attack of Curtis. Heston is horrified.