Daniel arrives with some cream buns for Simon who wonders what he is up to. He then asks Simon out for drink later and insists it just be the two of them. At the Icon Daniel asks Simon to help generate business for his Botox clinic with the pink pound. Simon is appalled at his gall. Cherry arrives and she and Simon make plans for their Christmas together, when Daniel has a dig at Simon about having no chance of meeting someone if he spends all his time with Cherry.

Lily is excited about the fostering evening and Heston agrees to meet her there. The meeting starts and Lily is fuming that Heston hasn’t arrived. Heston arrives and explains why he is late. He’s relieved to hear Lily is still keeping an open mind to the idea of fostering but to his astonishment she suddenly gets up and starts talking about her experience of being in the care system. Heston is surprised by her openness but seeing how she is now converted to the idea of fostering he struggles to hide his growing doubts.

Also, a troubled teen draws Ruth into her web of lies and the Christmas tree competition heats up.