Heston has sad news for an old friend

Heston feels saddened when he has to tell his elderly jeweller friend, Jules, that due to his severe arthritis his jewellery making days are over. Jules asks Heston for his help, making a piece of jewellery for his grand-daughter’s wedding and together the pair finish the piece. Jules then reveals his wife, daughter and grand-daughter were all killed in a car-crash, and he and Heston lay the jewellery in a small hole in the garden.

Andy and Ayesha go to look at a council flat, he promises that if it is ok he will give the council the thumbs up. Ayesha is tidying up the flat and Andy confirms that the council have agreed to the move and he will have some furniture for her tomorrow. Ayesha and Sierra are together in the flat and finally feel at home.

Emma puts up the old Christmas decorations and is suspicious when Howard reveals that he has bought them some new ones. He reveals that he has been asked to be the subject of a documentary and he wanted to make the place look better.