Heston heads to court!

Heston is a character witness for his friend George who is on trial for murder. Despite having early stages of dementia, George was aware the victim was having an affair with his wife. Finally, the guilt becomes too much for George’s wife Celia who confesses he stabbed Marcus when he attempted to blackmail her. George saw what she had done and covered for her.

Ruhma is horrified to discover Daniel has administered cosmetic surgery to one of her patients who is a new mum. But Daniel argues that these women know their own mind and if he doesn’t provide the service someone else will. She tells Daniel that if he ever thinks they will ‘work together on this’ he can go jump!

Mrs Tembe asks the partners if she can distribute a patient survey. They agree but Al and Jimmi notice she’s exhausted. They inform her they have come up with a solution to her patient survey; all will be revealed tomorrow. Mrs Tembe feels undermined and snaps at them to leave her office!