Peter is a young boy with cerebral palsy and tells Heston there’s a wolf living in next door’s shed. When Peter and Heston break in, they discover a man chained to the wall. The police arrive and reveal that there were more slave workers being kept inside the neighbouring house. Peter’s mother initially tells Peter off for putting himself in danger until Heston points out that Peter was a hero today.

Karen tells everyone that she had a great day at the zoo but Zara gets a photo sent to her from Rob, which shows Karen covered in giraffe poo. The same photo has been sent to everyone and Al prints it off. When Karen finds out, she is embarrassed at first but then sees the funny side.

Ayesha tells Jimmi how much she missed Sierra at the weekend when she went to Tracey’s and then gets confirmation of the date when she will move there permanently. Later, Jimmi is delighted to get a phone call from Heather.