Heston helps a friend in need

Heston faces a difficult case when his friend Sam believes his late son has returned from the grave and is haunting him.

Sam goes to see Heston convinced he has seen a hooded figure inside his house watching him. Heston thinks Sam just needs to get out more and invites him out to lunch.

Later on, Sam is shocked to see Harold, an ex-army colleague from Northern Ireland. He has some bad news and tells Sam their old friend Billy drank himself to death and his funeral is in the morning. Sam agrees to go with Harold but when he returns home he finds a disturbing note on the table which gives him a mild heart attack.

Shortly after, Harold calls Sam to say goodbye before hearing the sound of a train. A distraught Sam goes to the police station to give a statement, Heston tells Sam he should tell them about the note but Sam says it’s probably just a sick joke. On the way back from Sam’s, Heston sees Leo, a hooded figure in black, could this be who Sam has been seeing?

Meanwhile, Sam finds Leo in his house. He reveals he is the son of a woman who Sam had relations with years before and it was him who drove Billy and Harold to suicide. Sam tries to explain himself but Leo tells him to do the right thing and hands him some cyanide capsules. Will Sam do what Leo wants or will Heston arrive in time to save him?

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