Heston helps an elderly widow

Heston gets a reminder that appearances can be deceptive when an elderly vagrant gets into his car. It turns out Cara is actually a renowned ballerina but has been sleeping rough since her husband’s death. Heston suspects Clara is suffering from urosepis and floats between the past and present. Heston watches with compassion as she’s wheeled to the ambulance.

Hayden prepares a hangover cure for Ayesha, which works a treat. She goes back for seconds and is shocked to see traces of white powder on Hayden’s nose. Horrified, she realises he’s been giving her illegal drugs! She punches him and threatens to report him, but he just laughs at her – Howard will do drug tests on all the staff and, with her background, who will Howard believe?

Everyone’s delighted to have Sid back and, in an attempt to avoid Emma, Howard insists on giving him a full and comprehensive induction. Fed up of being ignored, Emma corners Howard and drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant!