Heston holds auditions for the panto

After Heston stays up late to work on the panto he’s been writing, an excited Valerie suggests they get everyone at The Mill involved, so Heston tells her to organise auditions for lunchtime. Al and Jimmi pretend to be interested but Heston feels dejected when he enters the staff room to discover that the only person who’s turned up to audition is Valerie!

As Heston considers cancelling until next year, Valerie suggests making it a one woman show and tries out the ridiculous accents she’s been practicing for the parts she’s planning to now play. Irritated, Heston blows up at Valerie, who flees upset. Later, Chris apologises to Heston for missing the meeting and insists he can twist some arms – the panto will go ahead.

Meanwhile, Aran turns up unannounced at The Mill, where he has a go at Jas for sending him the text message yesterday. When Aran lays into her for trying to mess him around, Jas is forced to admit she thinks she made a mistake in letting him go. Aran’s furious with her for always changing her mind – he’s not going to do to Hamara what Jas did to him. With that, he storms off.

Outside, Aran kicks the wall in frustration, damaging his foot. As Jas inspects it, she tries to convince Aran that if he has any doubts about marrying Hamara he shouldn’t go through with it; he should do what makes him happy. But Aran’s angry that, even now, Jas can’t just admit she wants to be with him. Aran hobbles off confused and upset, as a sad Jas watches him go…

Also, Daniel dons a false identity as he goes on a search for new friends, but will his lies prove his undoing?