Heston is enjoying a rare day off and decides to visit the Campus Surgery, as he’s planning to attend a university production of The Tempest and then attend a talk by a famous author. The author giving the talk is Nyaqa Setshwane, who is from Botswana. Heston tells Mrs Tembe about the talk and she says that she’s a fan of Nyaqa’s work.

Later, Mrs Tembe meets Heston for lunch and is shocked to see Nyaqa getting out of a cab. Mrs Tembe is in awe and invites Nyaqa to have lunch with her, and Heston and is flawed when she says yes! However, will Mrs Tembe regret meeting one of her writing idols?

Daniel’s latest patient is a drama lecturer with a heart condition. The lecturer, Misal, explains that he’s stressed due to organising multiple events that include the Tempest production and Nyaqa Setshwane’s talk. However, is Misal telling the complete truth?

Finally, Rob is conducting an undercover drugs operation at the university and it looks like Daniel’s patient, Misal, could be connected…