Heston and Ruhma’s mini break in Stratford on Avon continues with a highly entertaining back stage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Company, but Heston’s insecurities threaten to spoil the day. During the tour, they’re asked to play Romeo and Juliet, but Heston gets upset and walks off saying: “I’m no Romeo”. Later, however, Heston takes his courage in both hands and recites a Sonnet by Shakespeare, which explains how he really feels. Ruhma is bowled over by this romantic gesture and the day ends with a kiss. 

Ayesha meets a feisty couple who have been together for 50 years. But as they face death, she wonders whether can they do it together or if it will tear them apart.

Also, Emma becomes convinced that, now Niamh has gone, Ayesha will want to move out. Far from moving out, however, Ayesha asks if Emma has room for a new house mate – Sid!