Ruhma suggests Heston visits her new house and the pair spend the afternoon making samosas, when Shak enters. He makes a point of warning Heston off but Heston diffuses the situation and the tension eases. Heston’s delighted with how well the afternoon has turned out but, when he suggests a weekend away, Ruhma’s horrified.

Niamh’s patient Lauren reveals Mark is her sugar daddy and pays her to perform certain duties. But when Mark reveals he has Parkinson’s, Lauren tells him she was only interested in his health to ensure he could live up to his sugar daddy. The contract is terminated and Niamh is stunned by Lauren’s mentality, but ultimately it’s her choice and her life. 

Anthony asks Mrs Tembe to man the suggestion box. Regardless of the quality of their suggestions, all the staff are engaging with the project. Anthony appears to be pleased by their interest but when everyone leaves the building he tosses the suggestion box into the darkness.