Heston lawyer scares him

Weary Heston awakes in Julia’s spare room; over breakfast he tells her he has faith in the old boy’s network. Later, Heston sees his lawyer Godfrey Lang. Heston assumes Godfrey will be instantly sympathetic, but finds him playing true advocate; if the CPS are pressing charges they must think there is a case to answer. Annoyed Heston storms out.

But later, when Mrs Tembe honestly reassures Heston that the truth will out, he returns to Godfrey unsettled. He is forced to be honest with Godfrey about what exactly happened and that he may have lied to the police about the whereabouts of his cricket bat.

Zara notices Julia evading Martin’s calls and decides to give her the Carmichael master class on dumping men. However, at lunch she senses that Julia actually really likes Martin – she suggests that she just have some no strings fun until he leaves for Wales, she’s nothing to lose and has to take the plunge sometime. Later, Julia takes Martin’s call.

Also, Cherry channels her inner bridezilla when she meets an excited bride to be. But her suspicions are aroused as her patient’s behaviour becomes more erratic.