Heston learns that Simon is gay!

Heston overhears Simon complimenting Lily and gets the wrong end of the stick. Annoyed when Lily later turns down his lunch invitation due to a pre-arranged museum visit with Simon, Heston mentions his jealousy to Daniel who finds it hilarious and reveals that Simon is gay! Heston admits his foolishness to Lily, who’s actually rather flattered!

As 70-year-old Elijah Beckley mourns the death of his wife Eloise, Michelle wakes up in a strange man’s bed, with shameful memories of the night before. On her way back to work, Michelle sees Elijah being mugged and takes him back to The Mill but as she cleans Elijah’s wound, a hungover Michelle fails to hear his emotional cry for help.

Later, when Heston tells Michelle about Eloise’s death, she suddenly remembers their conversation and dashes to Elijah’s house to find he’s taken some pills. Michelle manages to revive him and convinces Elijah that he has everything to live for.

Afterwards, Michelle sits in her car shell-shocked; unable to resist taking a swig from the bottle of vodka in her glove box…

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