Heston loses faith

Still smarting after hearing some home truths at the assertiveness course, Heston becomes disillusioned with the health care system when he has to deliver some bad news to elderly couple Tommy and Edith Jarrett. Tommy is dependent on Edith as his carer but Heston reveals that Social Services have postponed their reassessment to receive outside help. Edith doesn’t seem to be coping and, later, a devastated Heston is forced to tell Tommy that Edith has died.

Back at The Mill, Heston questions his position when he refuses to treat an addict; he won’t help someone who won’t help themselves. Later, Heston is locking up the surgery when a pregnant woman, Rhiannon, arrives – and she’s in labour. Calm yet assertive under pressure, Heston successfully delivers a baby boy and his faith in the medical profession is restored.

Elsewhere, Ruth feels guilty after her outburst at Heston but Simon tells her he’s got thick skin, he’ll get over it. But Ruth gets a surprise when she goes to apologise and Heston gets in first, apologising for his insensitivity over her illness.

Also, Imogen feels hurt as mum Karen seems more interested in Jack’s university interview than her GCSE exam results. Karen’s delighted when Jack’s offered a place – but she’s wracked with guilt when she learns of Imogen’s outstanding results.

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