At The Mill, Julia asks Jimmi and Zara if one of them will attend a PCT pilot programme on homeopathy but Jimmi thinks it’s a waste of time and Heston also thinks it’s a bad idea.

When Heston discovers that Janet Davies wants to try homeopathy to treat her athritis, he advises against it but as she praises it and Dr Diana who’s opening a new clinic, Heston rages that homeopathy is nothing more than a scientific joke and anyone who thinks otherwise is a buffoon! Outside, Mrs Davies listens to a recording of Heston on her mobile phone…

Later, Heston looks at Dr Diana’s website and tells Julia he was right, Dr Diana is a charlatan – her degree is from a correspondence course! Julia insists that the PCT initiative has nothing to do with Dr Diana but Heston can’t be swayed.

At Housman, Michelle is full of nerves but takes charge as a patient’s heart arrests. Later, she tells Anna that looking after old ladies and handing out condoms seems so trivial in comparison. She’s going to be 30 on Saturday – maybe it should be a life-changing birthday.

Also, an old friend of Cherry’s is getting married, but why is the best man so unhappy?

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