Heston and Marina compare Christmas decorations, despite the tree not arriving yet. Heston’s are stylish and coordinating while Marina’s are garish and mismatched. Heston reveals his tree topper; a beautiful ornate star but Marina’s tree topper is ‘Sugarplum’ a 30-year-old well-loved tacky fairy.

Heston is horrified and eventually Marina snaps, upset at Heston’s snobbery, and leaves the house. When Marina returns Heston reveals he’s bought a new tree topper to suit both of their tastes – a huge glittery snowflake. Marina is stunned and pulls the exact same decoration out of her shopping bag. Great minds think alike!

Meanwhile, Cherry is in a manic mood organising the wedding and whizzing through patients. After dealing with patient Ewan she decides to persevere to ‘do it all’ but also to slow down. She ends the day with a glass of wine and a dance with Jimmi.

And Cherry treats a young Leukaemia patient who is pushing himself too hard and grows concerned he and his mother are in denial.