When Cathy Harley turns up at The Mill with husband Derek, who’s suffering from headaches and nausea, Karen recognises Cathy as ‘Letherbridge’s Black Widow’ after her previous two husbands died in mysterious circumstances. Heston diagnoses Derek with mild food poisoning put down to Cathy’s Chinese soup.

As Cathy and Derek return home, Heston listens to Karen’s rumours about Cathy’s former husbands dying of her poisonous soup. Uneasy, Heston pays Derek a visit at home, where Helen Harley has arrived, convinced her step-mother Cathy is trying to poison her father after the change in his will.

Under pressure, Cathy is forced to reveal that her first husband Colin committed suicide and that her second husband Terry died from years of drug abuse to make him a top athlete. When Helen is taken ill with similar symptoms to Derek, Heston finds a gas heater that has been incorrectly fitted and diagnoses them both with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Meanwhile, Simon and Cherry arrive at work after a seemingly disastrous holiday with Simon’s mother – though Cherry says she’d had a lovely time. But Simon’s upset when he overhears Cherry telling Karen the holiday was a nightmare.

And after developing a rash from using anti-ageing products, Daniel books into a botox clinic.

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