Heston moves too fast for Ruhma

Heston is annoyed when Ruhma wants to improve his diet, but quickly realises she doesn’t want to lose him after his recent health scare. He decides she is right, and comes to the conclusion that he is going to change his will. This worries Ruhma, who thinks she’s being pushed into a full relationship before she is ready.

Emma’s first day as a Forensic Medical Examiner doesn’t go as planned when a new Detective Sergeant tries to use her to cover up a mistake. But instead of keeping quiet she decides to makes a stand, making him realise that his approach to the job isn’t one that will help his future career.

Daniel challenges Zara to practice developing a friendship. Zara seems happy to try, but when he suggests Valerie as her test subject, she isn’t so sure. She starts by being friendly, but when Valerie continually comes to her for a chat, it starts to become a struggle. And when Valerie pushes one button too many, Zara explodes. She tells Daniel it was impossible, but he points out that friendships take work.