Heston is dismayed to see Raj back in The Mill and is alarmed when Raj explains that he pulled his tooth out with a set of pliers! Raj is in pain and, to make matters worse, his mouth won’t stop bleeding! Karen rings round for an emergency dentist but has no luck so, with the blood flowing from Raj’s mouth, Heston’s forced to perform minor surgery. Will things go according to plan?

Meanwhile, Zara’s not impressed when she comes home to find Daniel has bought her a new bike and matching accessories. Zara isn’t keen on learning to ride a bike, but decides to give it go in order to get Daniel off her back. The lesson doesn’t go well, however, and Zara falls off! She’s livid, but things are about to get worse, as Daniel announces he has another surprise in store…

Finally, Emma has a meeting with the IPCC and things don’t get off to the best start, especially when Emma and Samira get into an argument. Is Emma’s role as FME about to come to an end?