Heston prepares for the worst

Heston is at the Memory Clinic for his tests where he encounters a woman who is suffering from dementia. He becomes fatalistic with the consultant who urges him not to make any assumptions – they need to wait for the full test results. Heston thanks him for his kindness, but now that he can see what the future holds he needs to put his house in order.

Daniel takes a moment to thank Toni for dancing at the competition, but tells her he doesn’t want to dance with her any longer. While Zara shows no restraint in being extra friendly with Toni to underline her obliteration of her love rival. Jimmi sees this and invites Toni out for lunch, where he tells her the situation will soon blow over.

Mrs Tembe refuses to assume the worst of an ex-con working as a handyman at Campus even when things go missing.