Heston puts his foot in it with Ruth

Heston shocks Ruth and Lily by insisting they have a training session on mental health issues. But during the session, Heston claims that GPs shouldn’t let sympathy get in the way of diagnosing those with mental illness; some are just timewasters.

As Heston says he doesn’t think Ruth’s a timewaster – but that she could perhaps do with an old-fashioned cure like a brisk walk – Ruth enters with some post, clearly having heard him. Heston is unashamed but Simon runs after her apologising, and Ruth thanks him for supporting her. As for Heston, it doesn’t seem that his views have changed at all…

Meanwhile, Karen organises a party to celebrate Jack’s A-level results the next day, dismissing comments about counting her chickens. Karen agrees to have beer but no spirits at the party – but when Karen gets home she’s shocked to find that Jack and his mates have drunk the lot! But angry Karen softens when Jack says he’s worried about his results.

Also, a homeless ill woman called Jinx refuses Jimmi’s help, and follows the movements of a young boy, Gabriel, instead. The boy accepts a present delivered by Jinx but agrees to keep her a secret from his over-protective guardian, Una.

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