Heston and Ruhma spy on the kids

Shak and Alia arrange to meet their dad - unaware Heston and Ruhma are watching them!

When Shak and Alia go to meet their dad, Heston and Ruhma jump up – they are going to spy on the children! The children find the meeting point, while a watching Ruhma tells Heston that she knew that if she ran away, people would treat her as the villain, even though Aamir was an alcoholic.

Heston speaks of Marina, that it could sometimes be preferable to being alone. Shak calls Zaroon to find out what is going on, but gets no answer. Will their dad be a no show?

Valerie’s struggling in her new job as a fundraiser. She thinks she’s about to get a man to sign up but he says he isn’t, revealing that he’s from the agency who supplied her – there have been complaints about her sign-up rates. Her approach is too clownish – how will Valerie react?