Heston’s behaviour loses him votes

It’s voting day and Mrs Tembe ropes Heston into driving some ‘old dears’ to the polling station but, along the way, he gets into a spot of road rage. This happens to steer their votes in the direction of Valerie, to his disappointment. Elsewhere, Ayesha has made cookies with Sierra and brought them in to The Mill.

Rob is surprised when Ginny tells him that his colleague and her husband, Lyle, has been working round the clock. Meanwhile, Lyle is having some fun with a woman, Wendy. Lyle’s phone rings and when Wendy picks it up Rob guesses what’s going on. Meanwhile, Wendy has arrived at the hospital and sits next to Ginny – the game is over. 

Al searches in Niamh’s bedroom for Franc’s phone. He finds it but gets a text to say Niamh is on her way up the stairs. Niamh is furious and concludes he’s stalking her. He covers the truth but Niamh orders him to leave – she’ll get the police involved if this continues. Later, she tells Howard and he takes her side pretending to be oblivious.