Heston sees a clairvoyant!

It’s Josh’s first day working at the church cafĂ© and Mrs Tembe asks Heston if he would join her for lunch as she would like to show her support. But when Heston discovers one of Mandy’s patients, Celeste Baptist, claims to be a clairvoyant, he discreetly asks if she can visit his house at lunchtime and completely forgets about Mrs Tembe who ends up asking Mandy and Niamh to join her instead. Josh is uncomfortable being the centre of attention but tells Mrs Tembe everything’s fine.

When Celeste demands an upfront fee of two hundred pounds, Heston reckons it would have been cheaper to get Mystic Meg. He tells Celeste he’s been hearing noises from the attic. Celeste says there’s definitely a graveyard stench around the house. Celeste starts creeping up the stairs but insists on going alone. When she returns, Celeste declares there’s nothing supernatural going on here – it’s probably just old plumbing.

A furious Heston demands a refund, he knew all this stuff was nonsense and accuses her of fleecing him. Celeste points out that either he’s right and this stuff doesn’t exist or she’s right and there are simply no spirits here. Either way, he is in the clear. Heston realises he can’t really argue with her logic and lets her go. Alone, he sits down and suddenly there are noises from upstairs. Heston’s torn – did he really hear something or did he imagine it?

Also, Daniel comes to Zara’s rescue when she gets more than she bargains for when visiting an elderly patient.