Heston takes Ruhma to a fancy restaurant but Ruhma immediately has opinions about the posh nosh, However, Heston’s delighted when Ruhma says that she has been telling some of her friends about him and he happily pays for dinner. The pair say their goodbyes and Ruhma hands him a keepsake from the evening and heads out.

Amelia talks to Rob about Howard. Rob is full of praise for him, and Amelia wryly notes that everyone seems to have held Howard in the same high regard. Rob tells Amelia that Emma would be the best person to talk to, and despite herself, Amelia realises he’s right. 

Valerie reads over a letter from the Haematology department at St. Phil’s and asks Mrs Tembe if she can have Monday off, but doesn’t say why. Mrs Tembe is concerned at the short notice, but allows her the time off nonetheless. 

Also, Jimmi returns to work as a police surgeon, where he and Rob are faced with a racist assault.