Back from Tuscany, a loved up Heston plans on asking Marina to move in with him but Zara plants some seeds of doubt that it won’t be what Marina wants. Not to be put off, Heston finds the courage to ask Marina and is delighted when she agrees.

Meanwhile, the stress of keeping the house purchase secret from Zara is getting to Daniel. When the mortgage owner asks for a last-minute survey, Daniel nearly cracks and Jimmi suggests he just come clean to Zara. Later, Jimmi bites his tongue when Daniel presents a list of fixtures and fittings he wants thrown in. Zara nearly catches them but Daniel covers like a pro.

Julia is feeling swamped with all the work for the PCT as well as worrying about Patrick and Sally. She struggles to get Heston to focus and help her as all he can think about is Marina.

And Karen is caught in the crossfire when a scorned wife tries to get revenge on her ex.