Heston takes things too far

It’s the first day of the assertiveness course and Heston manages to annoy the counsellor, Graham, with his aggression, and reduces a woman to tears. Ruth surprises herself by enjoying the course and impresses Graham with her quiet confidence. Heston receives negative feedback from the group and is mortified when he’s told he’s got a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, when Daniel insists that Simon sniff his new aftershave, Zara teases Simon all day about fancying Daniel. Annoyed, Simon reveals to Daniel that Zara has blabbed to everyone about them sleeping together and when Daniel presumes it was all good feedback, Simon doesn’t correct him, leaving Daniel to think that Zara is smitten.

Also, a man, Paul, appears to be stalking one particular student, Saskia, on campus. When questioned by Rob, Paul claims he was just visiting daughter Saskia, who he’s missed since she started uni. When Lily learns that Paul has been overprotective of Saskia since her mother committed suicide, Lily urges Paul to seek help for his grief.

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