Heston tells Ruth a secret

As the assertiveness training course continues, Ruth is finding it easier to open up to the group. Heston is touched by her honesty but, during a role play session, Heston pushes Ruth too far. The new, confident, Ruth loses it, saying it’s a good job he was never a father to which a tearful Heston blurts out that he was a father, once. Ruth’s devastated by what she’s said.

Meanwhile, Michelle is organising a family fun event to promote the MMR jab and is interviewing clowns. The successful clown is Tingle Tangle – but upon leaving, he’s attacked by another clown called Winky. Michelle learns that Tingle Tangle and Winky are brothers and looks on in delight when the pair resolve their differences with a pie fight!

Also, Daniel flirts with Zara, under the impression she fancies him after what Simon implied. Zara sets him straight but cocksure Daniel simple believes she’s playing hard to get. Later, Cherry vows to find Simon a new man, much to his horror.

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