Heston’s still not coping with being in hospital, but Cassandra cheers him up with a croissant and coffee and, as it becomes clear they have a lot in common, Heston thinks she’s a real tonic. Simon suggests having a word with Heston’s consultant, but he’s usurped by Charlie.

Fed up with Cherry’s constant chatter about Jimmi, Simon goes back to see Heston to talk through a treatment plan for a patient. Heston’s concerned that Simon has nothing better to do than keep visiting him and orders him to get a life! Simon watches with envy as Cassandra and Heston get closer.

Karen comes up with an interesting way to keep track of all the doctors’ comings and goings – but when it goes wrong she falls foul of Julia.

Also, Charlie’s sister makes a surprise visit to The Mill and enlists his help in some marital espionage which results in an embarrassing challenge for a barefaced Charlie!

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