Heston and Ruhma go for a walk, and Heston tries to persuade her to not let her past experiences dictate her future. Conversation between them becomes less tense, however, this is short-lived and chat soon turns to the past again. Heston declares his interest in Ruhma and states that he wants to be with her – or for her to set him free.

Anthony arrives at the golf course to collect Jack’s sponsorship money, but Jack’s legs suddenly give way and he collapses. Anthony thinks he’s solved the mystery behind Jack’s attitude and asks him if he has cancer. Anthony then reveals that his mother died from cancer and, pleased that Anthony had told the truth, Jack tells Anthony he has IPF. Anthony pushes Jack to consider organ donation but Jack’s set against it.

Niamh’s down after yesterday and Al can’t stand it. He tries to get her to open up about the rejection from her family, but it’s all a bit too raw. The only point at which she breaks a smile is when Valerie ruins the ending of Al’s book at the end of the day.