Ruhma goes round to Heston’s house and although the evening gets off to an awkward start things start to warm up when Ruhma confesses that she’s having housing difficulties and Heston offers to put her up. Later, Ruhma thanks Heston for a lovely evening. Heston leans in for a kiss but Ruhma is affronted and pulls away, leaving Heston red faced.

Rob and Karen meet Al in the pub and then Mo pitches up. Al and Mo immediately hit it off and quickly pair up for the darts match. Mo suggests they spice it up – the losing couple buy the winners a curry. Al and Mo wipe the floor with Karen and Rob. Elated, Mo grabs Al and snogs his face off. Later, Rob and Karen have to endure the sound of Mo and Al getting down and dirty in the bedroom as they sit in the lounge below.

Also, Sid helps a bride-to-be who is suffering from pre-wedding nerves.