Heston is avoiding Lily, who tells Julia she’s just learned Heston was once married. Julia advises Lily to give Heston the chance to explain but when Lily tries to discuss things with Heston, her anxiety spills out. Heston manages to reassure her by saying there’s no love lost between he and Christine. Heston agrees to tell her everything but when he starts to open up, vivid memories start flooding back and he clams up but Lily decides she can wait.

Cherry realises she must improve her wine knowledge in a bid to impress wine merchant Simon. Later, a dejected Cherry considers giving up on Scott when he’s late to pick her up. But she’s surprised when he phones in a dreadful state and explains that he had stopped by his mother’s grave and lost track of time. Cherry gets a cab to the cemetery with beer in hand to celebrate his mum’s life and Scott is touched.

Also, Jimmi comes to the aid of a boy who he recognises as a paranoid schizophrenic.

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